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Vodafone offers broadband Internet services in mobile phones.

Saturday, September 1st, 2007

Vodafone has introduced Internet access through their existing mobile phones with a limit of 50 MB per day for prepaid customers. The tariff is EUR 0.99 a day pre-paid. The post-paid customers can avail the facility at EUR9.99 a month with a limit of 500MB per month. The prepaid customers can access up to 75 minutes of YouTube videos in a day. Alternatively the customer can browse 1000 internet pages per day

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Now the user can access their favourite  internet pages even while on the move and check eBay bids or download video clips through YouTube. It is understood that Vodafone has already entered in to  partnership with YouTube, eBay, MySpace and Goggle to provide content to customers.

With the upgraded network technology vodafone has moved a step forward in accessing  web and web content and posing a stiff  competition in the market. This is also due to the established partnership  with the four powerful  partners, whose site fall in the top 20 sites. Moreover eBay has a strong  user base in  Ireland with more than 500,000 registered users. John McElligott, managing director of eBay’s Irish operations is optimistic, with the new partner vodafone, on  establishing a strong  user base, who will be able to carryout business on eBay by eventually obtaining  the mobile application for downloading  from eBay’s website.

Vodafone has already achieved a considerable success with the new mobile broadband product. 30,000 customers have already signed up by the end of June,07,   in the face of a competition from O2 and three Ireland who  also  provide broadband in mobile phones. Vodafone claims that their partnership with the four website partners have been welcomed by customers, since the products and services offered by these partners match the requirements of the customers.

Vodafone also offers upgraded SafetyNet  web control tools, “ teen profile”,  that limits 15-to-18-year-olds children, while accessing web content through mobile phones.